Over the past four years Zoey's Resale has been providing high school females with beautiful gowns to wear on special occasions such as prom, homecoming, JROTC banquet, etc.
 This project started when a beautiful gown was donated to the store and I did not want to sell it; I had a dream to help students in need.  Starting with one dress, we now have over 4,000. The gown donation out grew the store, we moved them to a storage unit, then to my daughter bedroom and my basement then finally a permanent home.
 We received a blessing from the First Baptist Church of Wyandotte through two wonderful sisters, Don and Sue! The sisters have been helping the community with gowns for years! They welcomed the merge to expand Zoey's inventory and provide a permanent space for our ministry!
 The gowns, shoes, wraps, purses are loaned on a free rental agreement. The items rented out must be returned within (7) days of their event in order to allow others to also take advantage of the opportunity. 
This year, we are starting to ask for a minimum donation, if possible, of $5.00 for cleaning. 
 Monetary donations are always welcome and go to benefit my granddaughter, Zoey Jane, and her classmates at the Lincoln Center, School for Autism in Wyandotte, MI.
“How can you make a difference?”
 Word of mouth is always the best way to get a message out to the public.
 We want to see these beautiful gowns worn year round. 
Think about it: a dress costing hundreds of dollars is usually worn once before making its home in the back of a closet.
 These donated dresses now are gathering a history of memories! 

Donate that prom dress that is hanging in your closet and that you know you will never wear it again! Cherish your memories but help a senior make memories. We need Homecoming dresses! Prom dresses..and now...Wedding dresses! Help us help others!
When you donate a gown to Zoey's it will never be sold. Zoey's offers free gown rental to anyone! NO CHARGE just an agreement that the gown be returned within seven day of their event. 
Here is the link to our Facebook with the inventory of dresses that we have to offer.
*Check out your size and style
*Write down the dress numbers

*Call Sandra and set up your appointment (734) 818-9727

*You will need student ID and parent ID
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